Red Hat Linux Diagnostics & Troubleshooting Eğitimi

Bu eğitim, Red Hat Enterprise Linux için temel sorun giderme tekniklerini ve araçlarını öğretmeyi hedeflemektedir.

Red Hat Linux Sorun Giderme Sertifika Sınavı için adaylara fayda sağlayabilecek, Uygulamalar sayesinde, sorun giderme becerileri kazanacak, performansa dayalı test işlemleri gerçekleştirerek mevcut becerilerinizi geliştirecek ve canlı, sanallaştırılmış sistemlerde hata ayıklama yaparak ilave deneyim kazanacaksınız.


Introduction To Troubleshooting
What İs Troubleshooting? Troubleshoot A Web Server İssue Using The Log Files, Practice Lab Session - Sos Report, Practice Lab Session - Ftp Connectivity Issue

Monitoring Systems
Monitor System And Network Performance,  Centralized Log Server, Practice Lab Session , Intrusion Detection Software To Monitor Changes,  Managing Configuration Changes And Developing A Recovery Plan

Troubleshooting Techniques And Identifying Hardware Issues 
Recovery Runlevels And Rescue Mode,  Work With Advanced Grub Features, Hardware Error Reporting And,     Memory Testing, Module Options, Practice Lab Session

Troubleshooting Storage Issues
Locate Unauthorized Changes,  Audit Software, File System Tuning, Repair And File Recovery,  Linux Storage Stack And Vfs,  Filesystem & Device Mapper, Dm Multipathing, Recovering Lvm Issues, Migrating A Volume Group From One System To Another

Troubleshooting Rpm Issues
Resolve Package Dependencies,  Identify & Fix Dependency İssue,  Recover A Corrupted Rpm Database

Troubleshooting Network Issues
Check Network Connectivity, Connectivity İssues And Network Diagnostic Tools, Network Monitoring Utility, Troubleshooting Tips Related With Device Names Of Ethernet İnterface, Disable Consistent Network Device Naming, Tune Kernel Parameters, Practice Lab Session 

Troubleshooting Boot Issues
A Traditional Boot Sequence, Overview Of Grub2 And Configuring Grub2, Protect Grub By Applying Password, Reset The Root Passwd Using İnstallation Disk

Application Issues
Tools And Techniques For Troubleshooting Applications, Common Application Problems And How To Solve Them

Security Issues
Troubleshooting A Selinux Issue, Changing Selinux Context, Selinux Audit Logs & Troubleshooting, Overview Of Pam Security, Pam Modules & Configurations, Authentication, Firewall

Red Hat Resources
Technical Account Manager Support, Diagnostic And İnformation-Gathering Tools, Bugzilla, Certified Training

Eğitim Süresi: 2 Ay (40 Saat + Proje Geliştirme)